About Us

Crocodilla Ltd are a well-established, family owned business based in the heart of the beautiful Test Valley, in Romsey, Hampshire.Supplying the residential and commercial markets with a wide variety of garden products and beautiful exterior furnishings.

We are specialists in sales, installation and service and are your premier providers for driveway gates (manual or automated, swing or sliding), garage doors, verandas, glass rooms, patio awnings and much more!
We are proud to be the suppliers for a wide range of top-quality products.

You will find all staff at Crocodilla Ltd are committed to first-rate service and quality workmanship. Our engineers are courteous, efficient, and extremely skilled. When we say extremely skilled we understate ever so slightly!

We have followed a simple, yet effective, formula for success since the day we first opened for business in 2000 and we figure we got it right …

“If you treat people like family and give them a fair price, you’ll always be in business.”

… our group started in 1963.


Get in touch with our friendly team to see what we can do for you!

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